Summer is here!

Summer school was a wild challenging ride and just as I felt secure in what I was doing, it ended. A week prematurely in fact. Our 5 weeks of summer school became 4, because there were a few cases of covid in the city. So we were asked to shut down and luckily we did not need to go online that last week. The really annoying thing was that last week had a lot of fun planned and was going to be an easy teaching week. Oh, and, I wanted 5 weeks of pay for my hard work not 4. It is what it is. So summer started this week.

I feel like everything is moving along fast and slow at the same time. Part of it is that Michelle is expecting to have the baby soonish. Which makes me wonder if I even said we are about to have baby #2? I don’t think I ever announced it but have told people I talk to a lot. If you didn’t know… well we probably don’t chat often. Since we live in China we don’t know if we will have a boy or a girl. Carter says it’s a baby sister. Maybe he is right.

Let’s get caught up.

ISZAF, my artist group, had a pop show at the One Cafe June 19th. I brought out 2 artworks but that means 5 pieces. It was a diptych (2 make 1) or triptych (3 make 1) challenge related art show. So I brought one diptych and one triptych. There was a nice turn out and a lot of amazing art.

Then SIFC, my photography group, had an outing where we got to play with a Nons camera that uses fujifilm instant film but with real glass and the ability to use slr lenses. That was a lot of fun. I liked the feel of the newest model, the SL660 SLR. I think if I had some extra money I’d consider that as a fun camera. Not a replacement but a supplement.

Then recently we went to an art show by Maurizio Cattelan. You may not know his name but you may remember his artwork from 2019 called the “Comedian”. It made its debut at Art Basel Miami Beach and consisted of a banana taped to the wall. I was curious what this show would look like and wasn’t expecting much but I actually found it to be fun and engaging.

As far as my art goes. I am making digital art for a digital art challenge ISZAF is running for the summer. During this summer challenge I am working on a piece for a charity gala donation and a piece for a friend’s poetry collection. 

Recently, I had some work published in the 2nd issue of Suburban Witchcraft Magazine. A photo called “Trusty Broom”. Three art pieces called “Friends Like These (VI)”, “TheWatchers”, and “Passion”. Three poems called “Heartbreak in 4 Poems”, Erosion of Self”, and “I Promised”. I also had my first short short story published called “The Perfect Tea”. This was amazing and I am very thankful that the publisher was so happy with my submissions. Makes me want to keep writing and creating. You can check it out for free here: If you write or make art, she is looking for work for the next issue.p

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