Hong Kong; After Japan

I flew in to some amazing views.

The first thing I did was head to the hostel. I had a heavy suitcase to ditch. Then I went out with a camera to capture the city. I photographed Christmas Trees first.

Blue Tree
Neon Tree
Wrapping Tree
Abstract Tree
Shoe Tree
Lock Tree

I then stopped and admired the Lego Star Wars display.

I then headed to Tsim Sha Tsui for the light show and a view of the ocean front. Hong Kong is amazing at night and I still have not managed to capture that. I think I need a tripod and time.

The next day I got up and did some wandering. I  captured buildings near my hostel. I took a shot of ads and of Ladies Market as the rebuilt it for the impending evening filled with shoppers. I went and ate food at a mediocre dim sum place and by the time I was done Ladies Market was half open. So I got a few shots of the wares. Funny bootleg wares!

I headed to the ferry after this and headed home to sleep for a few days because I hadn’t done that very well in Japan.

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