And Now For Something Completely Different

I started writing again. I even have a new writing group spurring me on. I will try to share my writing here on occasion.

This is a poem I wrote for my son. I read it at a poetry event in January and will add a link to the video after the poem.

Ooh snap!
Advice for my 2-Year-Old Son
Hello Son,
I am amazed at all the things you are learning.
I have noticed that you have begun to develop opinions.
I think that’s great and just want to offer some advice
As with any advice that is offered, you can choose to ignore it.

I have noticed your aversion to wearing clothes…
I think that is completely understandable.
Clothes aren’t very fun to have put on you.
Especially when it’s winter and your mom puts on 12 layers
And you look like a little bodybuilder (All arms and chest with skinny legs).
Contrary to your experience clothes can be pretty cool.
They keep you from getting arrested in most places.
And most have something super cool, POCKETS!
You can put whatever you want in pockets.
Phone, keys, wallet, sandwich, chocolate bar, a lizard, whatever!
Right now, for you, I think winter is probably awful
The layers upon layers of shirts, sweaters, and jackets
But winter is great because the extra layers mean extra pockets!
More places to put things!

You have made it pretty clear how you feel about going potty…
I get it, its a bother to have to stop and go when you are having fun
Although I have noticed you hate being changed more.
Seems like a simple problem to solve.
Stopping to go in the right places mean you don’t have the indignity of a stinky diaper
Which might help you make friends at the playground

On the same track, as a boy, you can pee almost anywhere
At the age you are the possibilities are nearly wide open.
They narrow a lot as you become an adult.
Peeing on a rock, bush, tree, wall, fire hydrant, car tire, or your friend is awesome.
But one thing you will really like is peeing in the shower.
Something about the warm water hitting you just encourages you to pee.
Just remember not to talk about that in public.
People can be judgey.

I hope this advice is helpful. I’m sure there will be a lot more to come.
Love, Daddy

This is a link to the video on my YouTube account:


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