Staying home and playing

Life has been very strange while most of the surrounding communities were on lockdown. We have luckily avoided a lockdown so far but life was interrupted even so. Everything not essential to continued existence was closed. This, for some odd reason, meant coffee shops were closed. I think they were mislabeled as non-essential but ask my family what happens when I miss coffee a couple days in a row. I ran out of coffee beans early on and bought some terrible ground coffee. Oh the horror!

It wasn’t too bad really. We test everyday and that gets us a sticker. Carter and I talk about what sticker we are going to get while we wait in line. I am almost excited about the sticker. He is excited about the sticker but is still not wild about the test.

Carter and I have started playing whenever I’m not working. Cars, helicopters, or dinosaurs. It’s been pretty fun really. He is pretty creative and funny. We built garages for his cars even. They were destroyed the next day but it happens. I mean they lasted an entire day before being ripped apart.

The biggest downside is I am not walking as much. I have only went for two walks outside of the complex. They were fun walks and I always swear to do it again but most of my time is spent Hanging with Carter.

Things are slowly loosening back up as this week gets going. I hope to eventually be allowed back in school to teach again. Until then, we’ll keep keeping on here.

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