The Pop Show for Creativember

Three years ago, I started an annual event called Creativember. It was born because Inktober was ending and I wanted a reason to continue creating everyday. It was a successful event and got me in the nearly daily habit of drawing for the last 3 years. This year for the 3rd event, I made it an official ISZAF challenge. With that I felt it was only right to share the work at the end. I wanted it to be a casual event where we could meet as artists and share the work we made and talk more in depth. I also wanted it open publicly so that people that did not have anything to show could still see and enjoy the art. We set the date for February 14th and we’re excited to get together.

Unfortunately as luck would have it, Covid struck in some of the districts of Shenzhen. This meant some were not able to travel and for others traveling was advised against. So what was once Shenzhen wide soon became local to my area. I had arranged with a wonderful owner of a coffee shop known as The One Cafe to have her play host. Only 4 artists made it but we enjoyed sharing and talking about our work. Of the artists only one other person beside myself brought physical work. We had more art enthusiasts then artists though. It was nice that they were able to come out and enjoy. I hope when Covid restrictions ease that we can have a part 2 of the Pop Show and more can attend.

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