Photography Fun

Photography has always been something I have loved. I got my first camera when I was around 8 and have rarely been far from a camera ever since. I have gone through varying levels of tech know-how but have become a little lazy in recent years with all tech seeming to come with a camera. I have recently become interested in relearning the basics I have left behind. I am still mostly shooting in auto mode but I have been slowly forcing myself to do more manual manipulation. Unfortunately, I am a busy guy so getting out with a camera for a couple hours has been challenging. I decided that I needed to have a partner so I dusted off an old point and shoot camera of mine and gave it to my son to use when we go out for a walk. He loves it and ran it until the battery was dead. I think I may have found a way to get photography practice into my normal routine. I do want to eventually upgrade the camera he has because it takes forever to snap a picture so most of the pictures he took are very blurry. So I guess I’ll need to educate myself on inexpensive point and shoot cameras but not quite yet, he is only 3 after all. He does have a few great shots amidst the blurry ones, I’ll share those with you.

On the hunt for a great photo
A photographer and his model

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