The lingering menace ain’t got nothing on us

Covid has long since overstayed it’s welcome. We have had more cases again this week, so next week when we return from CNY we will be online for at least the week. Hopefully only the week.

That hasn’t stopped us from having a good holiday. I mean it did mean a planning day and that makes me a little sad but the rest of the time has been good.

When we got back from the beach we had dumplings with friends. Carter even helped out with the dumpling making duties.

We took it easy for a day and stuck close to home. We ventured out to play badminton but that was it.

Then we met up with some friends for gelato, German food, and an arcade. On our walk home we found a park that had a hammock and 3 bench swings. Definitely a place to revisit.

I took a day off from being daddy and headed out with a friend, it was a good night.

The next night I had an online professional development day that started for me at midnight and ended at 5 AM. I didn’t quite make it through the night, falling asleep around 2:30, but they promise access to the videos. So I have some videos to watch and take notes on.

Sunday we went shopping, had Vietnamese food, and got a Covid test for our return to school on Tuesday. Carter and I ended the night with a few races in Mario kart on our new Switch.

Today Carter and I went out for donuts and some arcade fun. Then we met up with Michelle and went out to dinner before falling asleep.

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring but it will take care of itself.

Through it all I have been writing everyday as part of a 14 day ekphrastic poetry challenge, as I write this, today is the last day. I have posted these poems on my creative writing blog, Crazed Lunatik Designs.

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