The stupid late blog post

I am not sure how this writing deadline passed without me feeling obligated to make it happen. My Monday post seemed like such a doable idea. I guess it happens.

I had plans on Monday to watch the Super Bowl.

Yes, Monday.

In China, 8 AM Monday is the time for the game. Some years we have Chinese New Year happening and that means it’s a day off, but this year, the game fell on a work day. We were teaching online though so I figured no problem. But much like posting a blog on Monday, I forgot about it.

To be fair, I have not paid much attention to football this year and had lost track of who was even playing in the Super Bowl. At least, until I tried to see if it was still happening.

I have never been a dedicated enough fan to have the NFL Pass and head home to watch a recording of it. This means it is easy for me to stay too busy to really follow any sport, even if my team is doing well that year. Sometimes I remember to put on the online play by play but most of the time I look up scores later and read about the game I want to know more about.

The main reason I wanted to watch the Super Bowl, besides it being a tradition, was for the halftime show. The music being performed was music I listened to in high school and college. It was my music. I do not think I ever was as interested in seeing the halftime show before this one. I had no problem watching that recording, in fact I even watched it more than once. I know some controversy was stirred up but I want to say I enjoyed it. Every moment of it.

Online school has been going swimmingly. I got into the groove by the 3rd day and really enjoy certain parts of it. I like the mess free classroom and the quiet working online session. I am really enjoying the time I get to draw right along with them, it’s great practice. Mostly still life’s but 1 class is doing landscapes. I do miss the kids actually being here though, seeing their work in person, and hope we get back to our face to face classes so we can make a mess again.

I have been writing poetry a lot more lately and have enjoyed creating poetry about art, a form of poetry called Ekphrastic poetry. Check out some on my writing blog:

I am working on a diptych or maybe a triptych for an art challenge Iszaf has set up. I am at the testing and planning stage and hope to start the real work soon. Maybe just one more test production is needed.

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