Weekend Fun!

This Saturday was a work day for Michelle and I so we had to cram in fun around that.

Friday we went to the Lantern Festival at OCT Harbor. It happens annually and we enjoy going to it, we have only missed it once in the last 4 years. Every year they have completely new lanterns to match the animal from the Chinese zodiac. This year is the year of the tiger so there was different tigers through out. There are also various mythical creatures featured and sometimes they feature a legend. I didn’t see any legends this year. There was an outer space theme throughout instead. The lanterns are made new every year and even recurring characters don’t repeat, they make them new. Carter was very excited and ran through it. He was so excited. That kind of ended once he got to the middle where they had games, a train, and cotton candy for purchase. He wanted to do it all and was very upset that we didn’t just keep shelling out money. We eventually convinced him to walk back through and he brightened back up. He was hungry and we decided to go get McDonald’s because he claimed to want a burger and French fries. He ate the fries and a bite of the burger. Which always makes me wonder why he talks about burgers so often.

Then today we got up and had dumplings. Then we got dressed in layers to brave the cold rainy day outside. We were heading over to Eureka play center so Carter and his best friend could play for hours. The place features a ball pit, trampolines, a wooden cube sandpit, a snow room, and a little grocery store.

It was a good weekend despite the extra work day and finding out that we are headed back to online school.

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